Dear Friends,

Crosswoods Baptist sits in a very strategic location to carry out the Great Commission that Jesus gave to the disciples first, but still expects us to carry out today. The fruits of our labor for the Kingdom of God have been evident this year as we have seen worship attendance of 210. Our children and youth activities are making an impact on lives as some have felt the call to ministry, rededications, and salvations. God has been preparing us for this very moment over the life of this church. It is an exciting time in the life of Crosswoods Baptist Church as we set out together to reach our community and the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Crosswoods Baptist Church exists to glorify God by leading people to Jesus Christ and making disciples! It is a simple statement but a very daunting task that takes commitment, desire, obedience, passion, and teamwork. In order to accomplish this great task, we must have a Kingdom Vision. Without Kingdom Vision, CBC loses its sense of mission, purpose, and direction to glorify God by carrying out the Great Commission. What does it mean to have Kingdom Vision? The biblical definition of vision does not mean having a clear mission statement or goal, rather the word refers to a revelation from God. This expansion is a clear revelation from God to enable Crosswoods Baptist to expand the Kingdom of God by reaching our community and the world with a message of hope, peace, and joy (the gospel of Jesus Christ). The time is now as our education and fellowship space is at capacity and the lack of space inhibits us from reaching more people for Christ. A Kingdom Vision requires each one of us to do several things: COMMIT, BELIEVE AND SHARE THE GOSPEL WITH THE COMMUNITY.

God is asking you to partner with Him in His Kingdom Vision for CBC. I urge you to join me in making a generous, worthy, and sacrificial gift over the next three years as we expand our facilities to glorify God and enable Crosswoods Baptist Church to do a greater work. God will not lead you to do anything He will not enable you to fulfill! How richly you will be blessed as you discover the Kingdom Vision as you commit and believe to reach our community for Jesus.

— Pastor Stephen Bruce

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